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Join a Community of Believers for Affordable, Faith-Driven Healthcare

Christian Health Care Sharing – Medi-Share®

We believe that caring for your health should reflect your values and faith. Medi-Share’s mission is to bring together a community of like-minded believers who support one another in sharing medical costs. Whether you’re seeking an alternative to traditional insurance or simply wish to align your healthcare with your Christian faith, you’ve found a home with Medi-Share®.

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Medi-Share Resources: Your Guide to Faith-Based Healthcare Sharing

Access a wealth of resources to make informed decisions about your participation in Medi-Share®. From enrollment guides to testimonials, we’re here to support your faith-driven healthcare journey.

Understanding Medi-Share Pricing

Explore Medi-Share pricing details to find an affordable, faith-driven healthcare solution. Click here to get pricing information.

Navigating the Medi-Share Network

Explore our network information to find healthcare providers that support your faith-based journey. Click here to get network information.

Applying for Medi-Share

Start your journey with Medi-Share by completing the application process. Click here to apply.

Medi-Share Statement of Faith

Understanding the core principles of faith that guide the Medi-Share community. Click to view our statement of faith.

Medi-Share Guidelines

Explore the guidelines that shape the Medi-Share healthcare sharing experience. Click to view our guidelines.