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About us

Jerry and Judy Brackett have been “doing insurance stuff” since 1989… over 30 years!!! They intentionally are not a huge agency because they prefer to treat their customers like people instead of numbers. They don’t SELL insurance. Instead, they educate folks and help them make informed decisions. When you have questions in the future, they are available to answer them.

After raising four children and helping to raise seven “grandvarmints”, they understand the importance of saving money and having good coverage. It seems like that it can be almost impossible, but if it can be done… they will do it.

Both are originally from Buford, but now live and work nestled in the far North Georgia Mountains. Weekends and evenings are about family and church on Sundays. Keeping those priorities right!!!

As Judy says, “We have never offered our clients anything that I wouldn’t offer my Momma. This is a ministry of helping folks. The money we make is just a bonus.” Their track record proves that point as 99% of their business has been from referrals.

Thanks for reading this. Hope that you know you can trust them in the future!!!